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Our Team.

ROLCA began in 2015. This educational institution is a ministry that is part of and belongs to the church, River of Life Fellowship Ministries (hereafter ROLFM). The pastor of the church is ultimately responsible for the school. All employees of ROLCA, the Administrator, Principal, Supervisors, Teachers, Monitors, and other staff members are in reality employees of the church. The school is viewed by the church as a “missionary” endeavor in the community to those who attend ROLFM and those who do not, but who desire to have a Christian education for their children. ROLCA seeks to be a collaborative Christian ministry to the community, and covets the support of all believers, churches, and other Christian organizations who wish to support the Christian education of the area’s young men and women.


Ken Kreller

Senior Pastor/

Acting Principal


Vanessa Edwards

Kindergarten/ Grade 1

Pampas Flower


Middle Learning Center

Neat Stationery

The Secretary

Office Secretary

Scissor and Sellotape


Lower Learning Center

Design Book

Janet Carredo

Upper Learning Center




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