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Come visit us on Sunday, June 23rd for our Open House from 3-6PM.

We would love to answer any questions you have about the school.

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How do we prevent issues of missing PACES causing students to skip them?

There were instances where PACEs were not available due to inventory issues.  We will inform parents and create a solution to avoid such problem from recurring. 


Who will be in charge of discipline?

The staff will carry out discipline, administer merits and demerits, supervise the academic program, and communicate with the parents.  The principal will see to it that if disciplinary action becomes necessary, it will be carried out, with the parents full knowledge of why, how, and what sort of discipline was administered.  


If a child had traditional class, how will they be put back in a PACE?

At the beginning of the school year, a child shall be given diagnostic check to determine skill and concept mastery of the subject he is in. The test assists the evaluator in determining the student’s academic needs in the subject he was in. 


Can there be a list of parents and/or upcoming events?

The staff and administration will assess if putting a list of parents' names in a public forum would be a violation of privacy.  A list of upcoming events will surely be published in the school's web calendar.


If a student works ahead in his/her PACES due to a doctor's appointment (for example), will they be given extra PACES to do as homework?

One of the basic laws of ACE learning is that the child must have reasonable goals. The child sets his own goals (number of pages to be worked per PACE) each day. If the child has met his goal for the day, there is no need for a homework. Depending on the child’s ability, it is recommended that they do between 3 to 5 pages per PACE per day or even more especially if he has mastery on the subject . 


Will there be formal Parent/Teacher meetings?

Procedures will be set in place to provide a parent some avenues of communication with the school staff (ie - quarterly meetings and parent/teacher conferences).


Will parents be kept informed of their child's progress (score cards)?

Parents shall work with their individual child's supervisor for the progress of each child.  The administration will look into finding a more efficient and effective system of tracking each student's progress.  This will help standardize the student report for each level.


Will there lab classes in Science (e.g. Biology, etc)?

We will carefully evaluate and explore this option for the upcoming academic year. We will also reach out to any willing parents or church members for assistance.


Is there a dress code or uniforms?

Our school doesn't enforce a uniform policy. However, students must adhere to the cleanliness and dress code guidelines outlined in the handbook.


Will there be sports (i.e. soccer, basketball)?

The school values the physical fitness of its students. Physical education classes are included. Students 6-12th grades may participate in soccer, basketball, and volleyball if they meet the minimum grade point average.


Is it feasible for a Supervisor to assist a group of students who are struggling with the same PACE to comprehend it by working together?

Yes, we will also be looking for off-school hours tutorial opportunities for these group of students.  


Previous school year calendar does not match the Lehman calendar will that be addressed and looked into?

Yes!  Our staff is already looking into it and school calendar year is being generated as we speak.


What is the school day hours?

School hours is between 8:30AM to 2:30PM from Monday to Friday.


Will there be fire drills and active shooter drills?

We have fire evacuation plans already set up for each room in the school building.  We will have fire/active shooter drills within the school year.


Do you have staff with licence to carry?



Will students be taken outside to burn off energy?

Safety is first. In certain cases where we have extra monitors who can help handle breaks, we will consider this.


What are the grades in the upper learning center?

The regular setup was from Grade 7 to Grade 12 for the Upper Learning Center but is subject to change depending upon the amount of students for a given year.


Do students lose credits if they already started a subject?

We will try to fully understand the basis of this question. Will look into this further.


Is there car and bus drop-off/pick up?

We have streamlined the flow of traffic and improve school safety during pick-up/drop-offs. 


Explain Art classes this year?

We feel each child be given equal opportunity to attend the art class. Art class will be free this year and we have church members/parents who will volunteer to help.


Will chapel be held?

Chapel shall be held each Friday of the week.


If a parent has a question will you get back to them with an answer?

Communication is key to run an effective school. We will try our best to answer any question in a timely manner.


Will there be some kind of vocational classes?

At this point, we dont have it yet. We will include this in our school board meeting.  Will get back and update the answer after our meeting.


Will we be attending the ACE competitions?



Will colleges be brought in to talk/ guide our students?

We will attempt to connect with the schools/colleges in our area.  This is one aspect we feel is important for the students moving forward. 


Will you accept help from parents who go to another church?

Yes, Christian schools uniquely highlight the body of Christ. Many people from various churches help at the school already.  For the Friday chapel, other pastors/speakers from other church are welcome.


Will there be clearances for all workers?


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